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Let's Welcome our Speakers for 2021!

We have an amazing panel of speakers for this year's event.

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 Dr. Zhukov is a medical doctor by training, obtained Ph.D. in epidemiology and public health in Russia. He works with the United Nations for 16 years in different technical roles at the country and global levels. His work focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights of populations of young people and adolescents left behind:  young key populations, LGBTIQ+ community, young indigenous people, young people in humanitarian settings, and others. Dr. Zhukov's experience in these areas includes work with communities, research work, development and implementation of prevention programs, development of technical, programmatic, and operational guidance.





Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh is an award winning author, clinician and a social psychologist specializing in sexuality, relationships and intercultural proficiency. Dr. Nasserzadeh is the Chair of the World Sexual Health Day in North America and has been hosting the event in New York City (2013-2015) and co-hosting the event at Stanford University with Dr. Inge Hansen since (2016). This year Dr. Marissa Floro joined the organizing committee to strengthen the event and its reach further. She is a great believer that “we can create world peace one relationship at a time from bedrooms to the boardrooms”.

Dr. Nasserzadeh is a certified Supervisor and Senior accredited member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) in England and a Certified Sexuality Counselor and Approved Training Provider by the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). She is globally recognized for her contributions to the field of sexual health and relationships at the clinical as well as policy and educational levels. Read More....





Dr. Lori Brotto is a Professor in the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and a Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, Canada.  She is the Executive Director of the Women's Health Research Institute of BC located at BC Women’s Hospital. Dr. Brotto holds a Canada Research Chair in Women's Sexual Health. She is the director of the UBC Sexual Health Laboratory where research primarily focuses on developing and testing psychological and mindfulness-based interventions for women with sexual desire and arousal difficulties and women with chronic genital pain. Dr. Brotto is an Associate Editor for the Archives of Sexual Behavior, has >170 peer-reviewed publications, and is frequently featured in the media on topics related to sexuality. Her book, Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire (2018) is a trade book of her research demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness for women’s sexual concerns. She is a strong advocate for empowering women to take on leadership roles.



Societies around the world struggle with sexuality and its role in how we relate with one another. When we talk about the problems—from sexual violence to relationship abuse, discrimination to isolation—we often land on solutions that require “changing the culture.” But how does that actually happen?

At Stanford, my work is to bring sexuality out from the shadows of shame, fear, and ignorance, and breathe warmth into the conversation. I create programs and classes that facilitate the discovery of sexuality as an integral part of what it is to be human—spanning real pain and real pleasure. When we value sexuality from this broader perspective, we have a fundamentally different capacity to work with its problems and its possibilities. Using methods of storytelling and design thinking, we can engage education not from the outside looking in, but instead from the inside-out, transforming the culture on the level of the individual and in our relationships. Sexuality, too, can be a source of growth, vitality, and connection in our lives and in our communities.


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Dr. James Wadley is Professor and Chair of the Counseling and Human Services Master of Human Services department at Lincoln University. As a scholar-practitioner, he is a licensed professional counselor and maintains a private practice in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


He is the founding editor of the scholarly, interdisciplinary journal, the Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships (University of Nebraska Press). He is also the founder and Principal of the Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians and his professional background in human sexuality education, educational leadership, and program development has enabled him to galvanize scholars and practitioners in the field of sexology across the world. Read More...



I am proud Black identified cisgender female licensed psychologist, and native of northern Louisiana. My love for assisting others in the journey of self-discovery and holistic growth has been a part of me since I was a little girl. It is truly life-giving and rewarding to curate spaces, intimate or large group gatherings, for women to do the same! I am proud to be a provocateur for change and champion for wellness. I consider my mission simple in words and complex in meaning: to empower women to be the highest version of themselves

I curate therapeutic spaces and facilitate healthy dialogue to address areas that are central to women’s identity.  I challenge women to examine the effectiveness of the scripts they’ve created and interpersonal/behavioral patterns they engage in relation to their quality of life.

Because I strongly believe as individuals we do not exist in a vacuum, I assist women in identifying  the cultural, contextual, and systemic factors that may be restrictive and limiting, and therefore impact their overall psychological health and well-being.

Additionally, I specialize in providing culturally sensitive group work, curated conversations, consultation, and trainings.

I am oriented to service and dedicated to lending my voice for Black liberation, female empowerment, and social justice


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