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Host a

Local Event

The World Sexual Health Day celebration

possibilities are limitless. 

You can use the theme — Sexuality education for all is the bridge to sexual health — and create events that work for you and your community.


You can organize workshops, a conference, a press conference, a round table of discussion, a media appearance, or an activity like the one that is proposed below. In the following paragraphs you will find a description of one activity that could work well to celebrate WSHD. 

1. Select the place where you want to develop the activity. We recommend a public space within your community/city that has visibility (such as a public landmark), but you can also select a school, an office or your own house!


2. Print all the sexual rights in banners. On the top of the front side of the banner you can add the phrase “My sexual health includes...” followed by the name of the sexual right in a bigger size, so people can understand that sexual health encompasses sexual rights. On the backside of the banner you can add the definition of the sexual right. You may also print a poster with the definition of sexual health, the definition of sexuality or the slogan of WSHD 2016. We recommend to print these posters in a larger size.


3. Place all the banners at the selected location and/or flyers for people to take with them, read them, discuss them, understand them. Offer to take a picture with the ones they select, having as a visible background at the location of the event. 


4. Additionally, you may take a picture with your sexual right, having as a background the selected location and the poster with the slogan of WSHD 2018 encouraging attendees to share and spread the word through social media.


5. Explain to participants that all the pictures will be also be uploaded to the official WAS Global Facebook page of World Sexual Health Day. Each country's organizing committee can send the best picture that they have for an exhibition in the upcoming World Congress for Sexual Health.

Please remember: These activities are just a few suggestions. The possibilities to celebrate WSHD are limitless! The activities we suggest do not have to take place in public spaces necessarily. You can promote the idea in more private spaces, such as an office or a classroom. Get creative! 

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